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Man with a camera and a plan, sometimes. 

I wear a lot of hats, I'm whatever I need to be when I need to be it.

Everything from special occasions to corporate events, Wild Variant Media delivers a wide selection of media options.

Travel Apps

Social Media Packages

Having a notable presence online will elevate your small business to that next level. We offer a variety of options catered specifically for social media.

Our hope is to reach local small businesses and offer them the tools to reach an audience beyond their hometowns. 

Creative Projects

Have an idea for a great video? Lets work together! 

Image by Shane Rounce
Wedding Venue

Special Occasions

Everything from weddings to ball games to graduations, we have you covered. We offer photo and video services catered to your big day. 

I am always looking forward to my next project. Contact today. 

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